Telara Saga Prize Vault

Below you will find the complete list of available prizes.

Platinum Prizes

Item Available  
Orphiel Farwind 3
Planar Dream Focus: Earth 1
Puppet: Tasuil 4
Snow-covered Merchant Cart 1
Spot - Stationary (Dimension Item) 1
Stonesource of Infinite Agony 1
Stonesource of the Sinister 1
Student's Bundle 1

Gold Prizes

Item Available  
12 Sided Puzzle Box 1
28-Slot Bag 57
Bloodstrutter Scales (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Bogling Miner - Stationary 1
Bogling Servant 02 - Stationary 1
Bogling Worker - Stationary 1
Dendrome Bosses Statue 7
Dried Guano (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Enchanted Flare (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Enchanted Flare (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Enflamed Soul 2
First-Rate Cow Tongue (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Forest Troll Skull (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Foul Bat Blood (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Intact Werewolf Jaw (Bounty: Artifact) 2
Kobold Blood (Bounty: Artifact) 2
Laughing Tree 1
Long Six-Star Dimension Stash (x10) 7
Maelforge's Love Letters to Laethys 1
Mountain Troll Heart (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Pulsing Abdomen (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Rabbit Bladder (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Razorbeast Statue 1
Scaly Basilisk Tail (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Shaggy Tarrasque Hair (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Sharp Cockatrice Claw (Bounty Artifact) 1
Tiny Seacap Egg (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Tough Manticore Hide (Bounty: Artifact) 2
Twisted Talon (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Warfront Announcer: Borrin 1

Silver Prizes

Item Available  
26-Slot Bag 27
Arcane Infused Rod (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Aspect of Loneliness (Artifact) 1
Bloodstrutter Claw (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Bloody Bat Fang (Bounty: Artifact) 2
Choice Cut Beef (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Cleaned Basilisk Claw (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Crystalized Soul 1
Dirty Razorbeast Hoof (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Dragonian Ribcage (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Extracted Rabbit Tooth (Bounty: Artifact) 3
Filthy Fifth - Mazamar Signals (Artifact) 1
Fine Horse Tail (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Fine Satyr Fur (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Forest Troll Blood (Bounty: Artifact) 3
Forest Troll Skin (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Giant Ogre Femur (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Gleaming Serpent Skin (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Glowing Dust (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Grandmaster Weapon Costume Crate 3
Infernal Phylactery 1
Key to Dimension: Infinity Gate 1
Kobold Eye (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Kobold Hand (Bounty: Artifact) 2
Kobold Heart (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Long Five-Star Dimension Stash (x20) 1
Moving Spark (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Naughty Nymph (Artifact) 1
Newly Hatched Snake Egg (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Perfect Siltreaver Scale (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Port Scion (Artifact) 1
Preserved Scarab Husk (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Quality Hunting Cat Hide (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Severed Cephalon Hand (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Severed Cockatrice Head (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Sharp Roc Talon (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Sharp Werewolf Fang (Bounty: Artifact) 2
Shredded Clothes (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Slice of Cephalon Flesh (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Slimy Basilisk Tongue (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Soft ManticorePaw (Bounty: Artifact) 2
Superior Whelp Wing (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Tough Vhar Hide (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Unusual Cockatrice Egg (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Vespid Arm (Bounty: Artifact) 1
Vibrant Cockatrice Feathers (Bounty: Artifact) 2
Whelping Skin (Bounty: Artifact) 1


Register For the Telara Saga


A 10-Week, 2-Hour Public Community Event hosted by the Gaiscioch Community for the players of RIFT. This event series will introduce content to players and also award raffle prizes for participating to random registered users.

  • The Saga Begins:
    Feb. 2nd - Apr 4th, 2017 at 6PM PT
  • Shard: Faeblight
    Note: Players from Deepwood, Greybriar, Hailol, Laethys, Seastone, and Wolfsbane can also join, however they will need to place a level 15 character on Faeblight to be able to transport prizes back to their home server. Trading / Mailing is only enabled for same shard characters.
Created by the Gaiscioch Community

Telara Saga is Dedicated to:
Joanne "Jexia" Ekker (1948-2015)
Shelly "Morigana" Songer (1951-2016)
Roger "Oldroar" Rall (1946-2011)

The Telara Saga is a Public Community Event hosted by the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community for the RIFT Community on the Faeblight Shard. This event is not endorsed, nor organized by Trion Worlds and is entirely created by fans of RIFT. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.